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About Us

                   "build 'em the way they really ran them"

Fabcraft Metalworks is a 2nd generation metalsmith shop with a background that has always had a strong emphasis in the automotive field. We apply the high standards of the old school craftsmen to the manufacturing of our restoration components. We always strive to use the best materials and AMERICAN made parts, resulting in high quality parts  for your car. Cheap offshore parts are just that, and are not welcome here at Fabcraft Metalworks. Our parts are produced in limited runs using the newest of technologies, yet when required, are built one at a time with old-school type craftsmanship for those proto-type or one-off/short run parts. Here at Fabcraft we push for perfection, to create the very thing you are looking for--SATISFACTION. Combined, our staff has over 100 years of experience in the automotive field, engineering, fabrication and machining.

Many of our products have been developed using equipment from the newest high-tech CNC, to some of the oldest out-of-production machinery. These machines and technologies were used to build many historic and famous projects over the past 50 to 100 years, both automotive and otherwise--- even the Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe. What better way to reproduce these old, obsolete parts than with the original machines-- the ones used to make them to begin with! We believe we know what you are looking for.. and we know how you like it !!

We specialize and have expertise in many aspects of the automotive hobby. Some of our products and specialties are listed below, so shop / browse our website and give us a call if what you need is not listed... let us help you make your project happen!!

1957-1964 Pontiac /Olds Ring & Pinion Gear Sets: 3.42  3.64  3.90  4.10  4.30  4.56  4.88  5.14  5.38  and deeper ratios
1965-1976 Full Size Pontiac/Olds/Buick/Chevy Ring & Pinion in 3.55 ratio
1968-1970 Buick GS - Skylark - Custom - Le Sabre Ring & Pinion in 3.42 ratio
1964-1971 Pontiac GTO - Firebird / Olds Cutlass F-85 Ring & Pinions in most ratios

Ring and Pinion Sets for All Popular Makes and Models
Posi-Traction Units and Rebuild Kits

Spools      Custom Axles      Axle Housings      Disc Brake Kits
Custom Billet Steel Flywheels     Pontiac "Super Duty" Components                               Early Pontiac Sway Bars (59-64)
Early Pontiac Clutch Linkage/Manual Conversion Parts (61-64)
Brand New Richmond Street and Drag 5 Speeds with Overdrive
Brand New Borg-Warner Super T-10 4 speeds
Brand New Muncie 4 Speeds